Thursday, April 08, 2010

going to the chapel, and we're gonna get our preach on!

by Amber

By the time a Luther Seminary MDiv Senior reaches graduation, she will have had the opportunity to hear close to 700 sermons in chapel. 700 sermons, and a chance to speak a word of her own. So, it better be good. But what was worth talking about today that took priority over all others? The Spirit. Ever since internship, my view and recognition of the presence in the Holy Spirit in my life has dramatically changed. All it took was a vision/a scene that in a moment of prayer came into my vision (while my eyes were closed). The vision came immediately after I thought to myself, "the Spirit doesn't have anything to say to me." It was such a profound experience, the text from John 20 about the Spirit breathing on the disciples provided a great example for my sermon.

I'm not going to lie: preaching in chapel had me feeling sick to my stomach all morning, and had me up about every 15 minutes throughout the night. Fun fun, huh? But, it proved to be a very Spirit filled experience for me as I watched people in the room walk forward and tie leaves to a tree. Leaves filled with words spoken to them by the Spirit. Seeing them blow around, thanks to a fan, made me see how the Spirit speaks uniquely to us at the same time. Different messages, prayers, challenges, affirmations, pictures, and ideas. See for yourself the difference 20 minutes of chapel made in the life of this tree.




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