Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hosting the Emergent Village Podcast

by Tim K. Snyder

Just a year ago twenty four friends of Emergent Village gathered together in Washington, DC to dream about the future of that network. Many of you know we worked hard all summer and in September we announced a new vision for Emergent Village. Throughout the fall I played the roll of leading the communications team at the Village but I took a break from that in December so that I could better focus on my own life transitions and spent six weeks in Texas, London/UK and Israel/Palestine. I took that break with a commitment to come back once the spring semester was in full swing and get involved again.

And so along with all my other life transitions (new degree program, new job, etc.) I'm excited to be hosting the Emergent Village Podcast beginning this spring. I began producing the first season this weekend (but ran into some serious problems in Garageband...) which will be full coverage of the 2009 Emergent Theological Conversation with J├╝rgen Moltmann. There will be ten episodes between now and mid-June so make sure you've subscribed to the podcast and get ready enjoy what's been one of the most important podcasts in the emerging church conversation. Hopefully I won't ruin it.

PS: Ssshh. Word on the street is that Emergent Village is almost ready to announce the 2010 Emergent Theological Conversation...

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