Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Palm Sunday: "my mind races today..."

by Tim K. Snyder

Welcome to Holy Week....which is kind of like welcoming you to despair...It's a long road from Palm Sunday to Eastern morn. To often we want to jump forward. Well, I'm going to invite you to not do that. I'm going to invite you to sit in the darkness, the grief and the horror of this week. Of course we know where this ends, but this is a three act play and you can't just jump to the end. T

This is about the now.
This is about the tension between Hosanna and Barabbas.
This is about hearts beating too fast and minds racing away.
This is about raising our own accusing voices.
This is about participation every step on along the way.
So go ahead..."hosanna."

Video: "Hosanna," Chair and Mic, Vol. 2: Aaron Strumpel, Enter the Worship Circle, 2006.

The Holy Week Trilogy: "Hosanna," "Stricken," and "Beauty" are all written and performed by my good friend Aaron Strumpel. The picture (Aaron Strumpel, Foscoe Jones and me) was at a house concern a few years back. I'll be posting three videos here.

Download now or watch on posterous
hosanna_web.mov (7417 KB)

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