Saturday, March 27, 2010

Faimly Time With Dragons

by Scott Dalen

Holy Week. You are my friend.
Mainly because you bring along a welcome week long break from classes. I'm ready for that too.
To celebrate my week long freedom (that is really non existent but I won't go into that here), we just did something special as a family. We trekked 20 minute away and saw How To Train Your 3D. All 4 of us went and that's unusual. Usually a movie like this involves my son and I going and we call it man-time. This time we all went.
The movie itself, very good. The 3D effects...amazing. Definitely the best 3D experience I've had, though admittedly I haven't seen Avatar so maybe I haven't' set the bar very high. The best part of the whole 3D experience, in a shot after a large explosion, there's ash floating down in the air. It really looks like it's right in front of you. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my son reach out and try to brush the ash away from his face.
You Go 3D movie makers, get down with your bad selves.


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