Wednesday, March 24, 2010

5th Annual Variety Show

by Amber

I have no official word on the money raised from the Variety Show and Silent Auction last night, but the atmosphere was definitely fun. I think it's safe to say hosting the show on a Reading Day was not the best idea. Attendance was about half what is usually is, (hopefully the bidding wasn't half). Fortunately, my entry came first thing in the program, so the energy was high enough to make me believe I was singing to a full house! I sang Sweet Caroline (by Neil Diamond) through the eyes of Karoline Lewis. A few people have told us we look alike (do you agree?) so I figured at my final show, a tribute to my twin would be the perfect finale! A special thanks to Dennis who taped the piece, and provided some awesome background vocals for it! :)

Sweet Karoline
By: Amber Sue Marten

Well it begins
I'm preaching today in chapel
My sermon is great, but what to wear?
I say screw the alb
I'm thinking heels and color
no matter what, the men will stare.

At one, gorgeous one, stunning one
pretty me, ugly you!

Sweet Karoline
A teacher should never look this good
I look divine
More than any other could, but now

Skinner and Lose
ain't got nothin' on the maven
the brainwave would tank if not for me
and when I preach
they're sitting in sheer amazement
tryin' to take notes frantically
(don't worry Matt, I'll slow down for ya)

And hands, praying hands,
preaching out, moving me, saving you!

Sweet Karoline
Romans never read so good
I'm changing lives
more than Martin Luther could.


Anonymous Judy Hedman said...

Yup, won't do a reading day again if we can possibly arrange it.
Word on money raised will come later today (when I finish counting). But, early totals are better than I expected.
THANKS to everyone who participated.

3/24/2010 12:40:00 PM  

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