Tuesday, March 30, 2010

friendly walk

by Amber

Tonight I had the chance to take a walk with four seminary friends (well, three plus Kira). It was somewhat bitter-sweet walking the neighborhood, talking about classes, plans for next year, and life in general. For only a few more months will we be able to do stuff like this. It was hard not to take it all in on a 65 degree day. Gusty winds swept a few locks free from my pony tail, a race up a hill in a skirt and chacos, and stepping on a creamer packet (thanks to the cafeteria worker who dropped it and left it on the sidewalk) made it all the more memorable. Here's to spontaneous walks, friends, and half and half on my sandals! So thankful for four friends who have managed to avoid the poison and remain honest and real during these last four years. Here's to the Spontaneous Club! Photos from Year #1 of Seminary! Wow, how we've all changed.


Blogger hannahgjohnson said...

I am procrastinating from my thesis and catching up on Life at Luther. It is pure delight to read this post and see these pictures.

Spontaneous Club will forever exist.

Thanks ASM, Bward, SCEgbers + Kira and Kevin :)

4/12/2010 06:10:00 PM  

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