Friday, March 19, 2010

An Eventful Thursday

by Scott Dalen

Yesterday was eventful.

This semester, as per usual, I've had two classes. Now I've mentioned them both before, but for a quick refresher, I'm taking Reading the Audiences and Hebrew. At the moment, there's nothing to report for Hebrew. It's business as usual. However, RTA is a bit of an odd ball in that it started on campus in January, and then finished online. The online portion runs through week 6 of the semester, which incidentally ends today.

Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

This week, our assignment was to post up a draft of our final paper (3 total for the class) by Tuesday night, comment on one group member's paper by Thursday and then post the final draft by next Monday. I posted my final draft yesterday morning. It was done, I figured there was no point in delaying I posted it.

RTA is done!!!!!

This leaves me with only a single class for the rest of the semester. Which makes me happy...and will ensure that I get a little more sleep in the upcoming weeks than I've been getting lately. Also good.

Yesterday was the first really nice day we've had so far this spring. The temperature got somewhere between 50 and 60 and the sun was out most of the day. I got home from work and the family wanted to go for a walk. So we busted out the stroller for the small one and the wagon for the tall one and we headed out. We walked a fair piece to, probably 2 or 3 miles all told. It was gorgeous, but unfortunately we all knew it was going to be short lived as a cold front was rapidly approaching.

The final eventful thing was a night of total slacking. I did zero homework last night...and I'm really proud of it. Sadly, there was no good tv as everything is superseded by the NCAA basketball tournament. Actually, now that I mention that, I'm reminded of one more thing. I'm in a yahoo bracket pool with a batch of my friends. Most of them are sports buffs. I'm not. However, after the first day of games, I'm in second place (out of 8) trailing only one guy by a single point. The really funny part of the whole deal...if there is any guy in the world that knows even less about sports than me, it's this guy.

I really hope the rest of the guys are cringing about getting beat by the two novices. Of course, there's a lot of tournament left. A lot can happen in terms of points, but I'll take my voctories where I can get them.


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