Sunday, March 07, 2010

are you kidding me?

by Amber

Have you ever had it happen when your parents did something super unexpected, maybe bought something strange, took a wild trip, or even wore something that made you question who they were? I had a "mom, what in the heck?" experience this weekend.

My mom decided to come up to the cities sort of last minute for some dress shopping (the mother of the bride hunt has begun!). She got here Saturday afternoon, and after settling in to my room, casually said, "I have to show you something I got for Valentine's Day." She pulls this little black case out of her purse and displays her new Amazon KINDLE! Oh my goodness. Perhaps the most technologically challenged person I know is sporting a Kindle! I about passed out. I definitely don't love reading as much as she does, so would much rather spend the money on a new piece of camera equipment or something, but I'll admit, there was some wild jealousy at this new toy. Amazing. She proudly told me the first book she purchased on there was The Bible for 99 cents. She said, "I figured since without God I wouldn't have this Kindle, I better buy The Bible first." Totally cracked me up! Wouldn't it be sweet if it was one of the FREE books on there? If anyone knows a rich donor who can make this happen, let me know. No one should have to pay 99 cents for a Kindle version of The Bible.


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