Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Former Dean Lull

by Amber

Last week our fall semester Exercises in Biblical Theology (EBT) class got a chance to meet up with our professors: Sarah Heinrich and Patricia Lull for a homemade supper of chili, breads, and cupcake/cake. It was a wonderful treat to be welcomed into Sarah's home, share a meal together, and most of all, to see Dean Lull. The announcement of her leaving came at a ridiculously sucky time in January when most students were either a. in another country on cross cultural, b. home visiting family, or c. traveling. I especially felt as though it was a bit unfair she left when she did, because I never got a proper chance to say goodbye to someone who had mentored and inspired me for close to 4 years. Let's just say this supper was just the "goodbye" from her life at Luther I needed. Not to say I won't and don't miss her terribly around here, but seeing her so positive and optimistic about her future put a smile on my face. I hope it brings a smile to yours as well!


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