Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yet again

by Scott Dalen

And here we are, 3 days into the new semester already. Holy'd that happen?

It's been an interesting start. As most of you know, I'm at home. As a DL'er I don't need to be on campus right now and so I'm plugging away at work and at school and at contextual work...all that jazz.

Monday morning I was at a funeral. It was a big funeral for a well liked member of my congregation. As I sat in the pew, different things were running through my mind. I was emotional because every funeral I attend puts me in mind of my grandfather's funeral and my cousin's funeral, both of which were sad times. I watched my partner pastor leading the service, and found myself getting analytical. I pondered on if he experiences the same type of emotion when at a funeral and if so, how does he control it.

That's my speed, I find myself projecting myself into future pastoral situations. Maybe that's not a bad thing though.

I actually discussed this situation yesterday with my partner pastor in our weekly meeting. As it turned out, we started to break down the service so he could gain perspective from an outside source. It was an interesting discussion.

But I've gotten ahead of myself.

Monday night, technically the beginning of the semester (though I had started in Sunday night). We returned home from our weekly Bible study and put the kids to bed. At this point, I realized that the internet connection was down at the house. Turns out it was the modem malfunctioning. Its done it before, but I've always been able to get it to reestablish connection. This was not the case Monday was done.

Perhaps that was a sign that I should take the night off and get to bed at a normal time.

Because of the issue continuing Tuesday, I was cranky Tuesday morning and short with my family. Never a good thing. But I discovered at lunch time that exercise is a great thing for improving the mood and breaking stress. I should have listened to everyone telling me that in the past.

Everyone who has told me can tell me "I told you so." Because you are much smarter than I am.

Fortunately, the cable company got the modem fixed yesterday though, and I was able to work on stuff last night. My first foray into Hebrew has begun.

I found it frustrating.

I took Greek with the majority of my cohort back in the fall of '08. I remember getting frustrated at the beginning. I had the thought "I am used to looking at the page and knowing what the writing says. I can't do that with this stuff...I have to think to hard." Eventually, the knowledge came. I can still look at Greek and read it. I have to work to translate it, but I can read it.

Now, a year and a half later...I'm back in the same boat. Add to it, that I have to get used to reading right to left.


Can you read that? Right to left...right to left.

Oh and turn it into a bunch of chicken scratches that look like nothing I've ever remotely seen...except maybe Samech which looks like sigma only backwards.

Welcome to Hebrew.


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