Friday, February 26, 2010

Song of the Week

by Amber

Martin Sexton, Wild Angels, from the Album "Seeds"

Even when the desert sands roll with thunder
Even when I know it’s all for gasoline
Even when the hole in my head lets me wonder it
I know I sing because I must

Even when the truth waters down way too quickly
Even when the storm blows down in New Orleans
I will still be dreamin when I know why this happens
But I know I love you and I trust

We are born with all this music in our heart
We tend forget a little each day right from the start
In a dream I rolled on back the clock and found another way
To remember the words

That we are wild angels
Believing in our childhood dreams
We’re just trying to find our way back to
The source of the stream
We are wild and free

Even like the hills these songs they last forever
Even though the singer will be forgotten in good time
Even that a song can unify or move mountains
This I cry we sing because we must

We all love the sound of music in our head
And feel the joy and pain cause we aint dead
We have the power and the duty and the means to change the world
And to remember the words

Cause we are wild angels
Sent down from our childhood dreams
And we’re just trying to get ourselves back to the source of the stream
We are wild and we are free
It’s where we want to be

Come and join us on the journey down the winding road
Doesn’t matter what you fear cause we are bold
We got the light inside us of the universe
Gonna let it flow like a raging river

As a way of getting some more music onto the blog, I am proud to introduce my new posting idea: Song of the week. Because I am a HUGE Martin Sexton fan (I met him when Kevin and I went on our first date to his concert), he is getting the honors of song/artist #1. Hope you enjoy.


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