Thursday, February 18, 2010

Noncord // the "onion" of the seminary student paper!

by Tim K. Snyder

So at Luther Seminary we have a student publication called Concord. It's good and I've enjoyed writing for it in the past. But even better is our parody version (think The Onion) called Noncord. For many of us the recent weeks as we've begun classes have been difficult in the midst of staff transitions, etc. This most recent version is probably the best one yet — "This one's for you PLull!" (our outgoing Dean of Students / my adviser!) Highlights: The Hiring of a student named "Dean" to take on the vacancy of Dean of Students! (classic!) and the faculty responses to what they've given up for lent: Trips to Middle Earth (the legend: Terry Fretheim), Hope (Skip Sundberg) and 2 Faculty, 3 staff, 2 degree programs... (President Bliese).

Just to be clear...this is 100% made up, but utterly hilarious!

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Noncord, Feb2010.pdf (3025 KB)

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Concord2Feb2010.pdf (2151 KB)

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Concord3_feb2010.pdf (2045 KB)

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