Sunday, February 21, 2010

Noncord & Baseball bats...this place is amazing.

by Tim K. Snyder

I love Luther Seminary. Really...its true. I have an institutional man-crush on the Seminary. Why? Well a whole host of reasons I suppose, but things like the Noncord and the Campus Security baseball bats sure do get to me in a special way.

the latest issue of the Noncord (in COLOR!) — my fav? what the faculty are giving up for Lent. Fretheim is giving up trips to Middle Earth. Its about time.


and here's a post from my personal blog about the Campus Security baseball bats:

Disclaimer: I have friends that work for Campus Security and I truly appreciate all that you guys do. Keep up the good work, boys.

The other week my car was broken into. Nothing was stolen because the alarm went off, but entirely frustrating. As it turns out this sort of thing happens fairly frequently down the hill on the lower campus of Luther Seminary. This evening I was walking through the campus center when I saw my friend, Ben Durbin, working the info desk. I stopped to see how his night was going. And that is when I say this: a Luther Seminary Campus Security Baseball Bat! Seriously? That's amazing. Do you mean to tell me that there was even the possibility that a Campus Security guard (also a seminarian) on patrol could have clubbed that guy/girl who broke into my car? I don't even know what to think of this...

If one of these bats may or may not be at my apartment. This is just funny.


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