Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A cat with street smarts

by Scott Dalen

I was driving home from work yesterday afternoon, making my way down a residential street. As I drive, I noticed a cat walking towards the street a few houses away from me. The cat got to the edge of the road, and then proceeded to jump down off the curb into the gutter. At this point, I was wondering if it was going to keep moving, there by causing me to slam on my brakes to avoid making street pizza out of someone's pet.

Here's where it get's weird.

As I'm watching the cat, I see it turn it's head and look down the street. Then it turned and looked the other way, towards me. It repeated the process. Then it stopped, waited for me to drive by, and then continued on across the street.

The cat...looked both ways. A cat did this. I can't get my 5 year old to figure that out.

In other news, we had some people over last night for short introductory Bible study. The purpose of our meeting last night was to review two different topics for future study, but I decided to make use of the group and hold an informal text study. I'm on duty for preaching this weekend, and have some idea of what I'm going to preach on, but it's not entirely formulated in my mind yet. I figured, what better way to gain insight than to get the impressions of a few people on the text that I'm using.

I got some good ideas too.


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