Sunday, November 01, 2009


by Scott Dalen

As a parent, there is one time a year when I am subjected to walking around in the cold and knocking on the door of complete strangers.


This year, I was accomplanied by Darth Vader and a ladybug that kept losing her antennea (antenei? is that plural?). Not to mention a cowboy (my Godson) and a slightly crabby princess (after a complete meltdown regarding the hairstyle that Cinderella wears).

The good news...the weather was clear and not overly cold. At 40 degrees, I was warm enough in my coat, gloves, and BLAZE ORANGE STOCKING HAT (Keep an eye out for in January. I'm notorious known for wearing it now). The next bit of good news...we obtained enough candy to successfully keep my kids sugar buzzed until just after the turn of the next century...or the second coming of Christ. We'll have to wait and see which one happens first.

The highlight of the evening occurred when we ended up at the door of someone I actually knew. One of my former coworkers (that I actually just played catch up with at my sis-in-law's wedding a couple weeks ago) and her husband, who is also an area youth director (meaning that he interacts with my wife on a pretty regular basis). They actually live about a block away from our friends (whose neighborhood we terrorized this year).

We walked up and she came out. After greeting our friends, she looked around at the rest of us. A few seconds later, she recognized me (the hat probably threw her off).

"You guys know each other?"



"From church, we've actually known each other for about 6 years."

So that was pretty cool. I'd call it the highlight of the evening.

My kids, on the other hand, would likely call the highlight going to a house that has recently been graced by a batch of lab puppies (our friend had the inside track on that one). So we had to go around through the yard and check out the new puppies. Of course, they were little and cute, as new puppies tend to be...but I wasn't fooled. I just watched Marley and Me a week ago. I know what those pudgy little buggers grow up to become. Also, the fact that my show managed to find a certain pile of...well, you can probably imagine what I found while walking through the yard.

I would call that the low point of the evening.


Anonymous Susan said...

You were close--antennae (pronounced "an-ten-eye" if you use the correct Latin pronunciation!)

11/01/2009 08:43:00 PM  

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