Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A fine, fine evening.

by Eric

Internship is pretty great. I’ve been blessed with a lot of freedom and flexibility from my supervising pastor. Towards the beginning of the year, I brainstormed ideas for my internship project, which is a requirement from the seminary. After narrowing it down, little by little, I settled on a great opportunity to both serve the congregation and learn a lot.

This post isn’t about that project.

This post is about one of the ideas that were pushed to the side during the process. As you may now, I love to cook. I love communion. And I love people. I thought it would be great to begin a ministry of visiting our homebound members, cooking for (or with) them, enjoying a meal and conversation with them, and sharing the Sacrament with them. So, even though it’s not my official project, I still decided to give it a try.

This past Thursday evening, around 5:30, my wife dropped me off at the Landt residence. She hurried off to tutor a 1st grader in reading, and I walked up to the Landt’s wooden front door, and rang the illuminated doorbell. From the moment they opened the door, it was a whirlwind of chopping, boiling, frying, tasting, sharing, talking, and laughing. A lot of laughing.

The only moment that escaped the whirlwind of fun and fellowship was Communion. After I had cooked, and before we began to eat, we sat down and shared in the bread and the wine. We heard the Lord’s promises and prayed the Lord’s Prayer, then ate the Lord’s body and drank the Lord’s bread. Without question, our small group of three added a fourth in the Lord. And there was peace.

Then, the night continued in just the same way it began. Thankfully, my wife was able to join us for dessert and more conversation--and wine.

It was a fine, fine evening.

I already have another couple lined up to visit in a similar fashion, and hope to involve more families in the cooking and visiting, too.

I think there’s something to this fellowship, to this sharing a meal, and to this breaking of bread and drinking of wine. I could get used to this.


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