Thursday, December 02, 2010

Lasts and Firsts

by Scott Dalen

I'm moving into a season of "lasts."

We move to Plymouth on the 29th of this month and because of that, things are starting to wind down. We're close to the end of the fall semester (week 12 of 14, how'd that happen already?). As I'm going to full time status in the spring, this is my last semester as a DL student (which admittedly makes me a little misty to think about). Last night, I attended my last Deacon's meeting where I was able to reflect for a short time about my experience within the congregation. I spoke of the growth from volunteer to board member, then moving into a contextual education role, and finally being hired to serve as lay minister which coincided very nicely with my unit of CPE.

Speaking of CPE, I just finished writing up a verbatim. I thought it might be my last one as well, though alas, I do have one more to write up in a couple weeks.

I'm beginning to consider some of the other "lasts" that I will experience. I taught my last confirmation class a couple weeks back which surprisingly (as I consider how fearful I was to teach two years ago) was a sad deal for me. I'm preaching next weekend, which will be the final time of a "normal" worship service that I preach at. My last "official" act will be preaching at 2 of the 4 Christmas Eve services, and fitting with the theme, I'm preaching at the last one.

To be honest, I'm losing track of all the "lasts" just as I'm sure I'll lose track of all the "firsts" that I will experience over the next few months following our relocation. One comes to mind. Just the other day I registered for my first semester as a full time student. That was kinda neat, at least until I got to thinking about the first "full time" tuition bill that will come along with all those classes.

Firsts and Lasts...they are a tough reality in ministry, because we're never going to stay in one place are we? God has this funny little tendency to send us places. Personally, I blame the apostle Paul...maybe if he'd slacked off on his missionary journeys, we could all stay put...well, maybe not.

If you're wondering, here's a list of what I'll be taking next spring, and maybe I'll even throw in January term as well. Just in case you were wondering.

J-Term (likely the last time I'll get to share classes with my cohort *tear*)
The Mission of the Triune God II (better known as simply Mission 2)
Ethics I

Reform of the Church- With Walter Sunberg...aka Skip...aka one of my favorite profs to date
Truth and Meaning-my one and only online class
Foundations of Biblical Preaching
1Thessalonians and Galations
and the one fun kicker, Orientation to Internship (HOLY COW!!! HERE WE GO!!!)


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